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Hey there!  I'm Claire :)

Welcome to my online Shaklee store. 


More about me.......

I met my husband when I was 17 and we have been married 22 years.  We have  3 pretty amazing (of course we think so!) boys, ages 19, 17 and 12.  After my youngest was born I was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer and it changed our lives.    


My search for more natural living led me to find a company called Shaklee, a natural nutrition company..  While researching the product, I discovered an opportunity to be a part of a passionate community and help others.  I love being a mom, but I also felt something was missing. Without any marketing experience (I didn’t even have a facebook!), I jumped in and started my own business as a Shaklee Independent Consultant.  I am so glad I did!  This started a journey for me that I didn’t even know I needed.  To be a part of something BIG.   


I shared with others my story and experience from the heart, marketed the products and invited other moms to join me in my mission.  I wanted to make a difference in others lives.  From there, others soon wanted to join me and so I created a team – a team that has now helped hundreds get healthier!  What an amazing thing to be a part of!




A few Random Facts About Me:

I LOVE pink.  

I wear my  hair up most days.

I believe straws make every drink better.

 I am motivated by sunlight!

I love to plan out goals for our family and  our future.

I drink a protein smoothee every morning.

I am in LOVE with Toms shoes.

I am the oldest child.  Big sis to my ‘little’ bro …even though he’s taller than me.

I knew I was going to marry my hubby on our first date.  {don’t worry … I didn’t tell him then}

I am obsessed with pomegranate energy tea.

My boys complete my life as mom.  They are my world.

I am chronically late.  Bad, I know!

I am learning to swap out processed foods.

I use only natural house cleaners and laundry products.

I love to be around positive people.  They motivate me!

When my counters are clear, my mind feels clear.

My family and I lived in a 37 ft.  5th wheel for 7 months touring the US.  It’s true!

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